The consultation period has now closed. This page will be updated in due course with the results of the consultation.

We (Uttoxeter Learning Trust) are proposing to set up a first school in Staffordshire on the Bramshall Meadows housing development. The school will provide education for children aged 4 to 9 in addition to providing nursery places.

Before we do so, we want to consult as widely as possible with parents and the local community, as well as with the education and training community in Staffordshire.

To get to this stage we have been in discussion with the local authority, as well as with schools in the area and with local employers, and we have their support.

Why a new school and where will it be located?

It is our vision at Uttoxeter Learning Trust to grow our family of schools, and our pupil and staff community, within Uttoxeter and beyond, to provide an outstanding education and become one of the leading multi-academy trusts in the country. All the schools in our Trust are graded as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted’’

The new school will be at the heart of the new Bramshall Meadows development, which is situated between the A50 and A518 and around a mile from Uttoxeter Town Centre, offering a range of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. These homes will attract more families to the area, and we have identified a need for a new first school to meet the rising numbers of children who will be living in the area.

Bramshall Meadows First School will feed directly from the newly developed area, with the capacity for 150 children, 30 places per year group, as well as early years nursery provision for children aged 3 and above. The school will be a growing first school recruiting only reception and nursery pupils each year.

Bramshall Meadows will form part of the Uttoxeter Learning Trust and the children will be part of a seamless educational journey from pre-school through to sixth form and beyond. With the school feeding into middle schools within our Trust, before the children move onto Thomas Alleynes High School.

Pending the results of the consultation, there may be the possibility for Bramshall Meadows to offer wrap-around care, which may include breakfast and after school clubs. This will depend on the needs of the families within the area.

What will Bramshall Meadows First School offer?

Bramshall Meadows First School will provide an exciting and innovative curriculum that responds to the needs and interests of the local children. The school will provide education for children aged 3 and over, up until school Year 4.

Our ambitious curriculum plan will align with common themes of the three tiers in our Trust. Bramshall Meadows First School will be part of a:

  • Welcoming, happy and achieving community
  • Caring and safe environment

The children at the school will benefit from:

  • Strong links with parents and carers
  • Effective partnerships with the local community and business links
  • Strong local governing boards and trustees
  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • Wide ranging and effective extracurricular opportunities
  • Strong CPD to support and develop high quality teaching and learning through the Teaching School

Wherever possible the curriculum will be taught through a thematic approach. Themes will last for half a term and will ensure coverage of all aspects of the national curriculum. This has a proven record of success across the Trust, with children commenting that they can make meaningful links in their learning and enjoy the range of activities they have the opportunity to take part in.

Being part of the Trust, the school will be closely linked with other first schools in the area, as well as the middle schools. Students who join Bramshall Meadows First School will continue their journey through the Trust until they leave Thomas Alleynes High School.

As a purpose-built school, Bramshall Meadows will be equipped with the latest equipment and brand-new technology, for both the students and staff to benefit from. As the school grows there will be increasing opportunities for the school to be used by the community and as a hub for the community.

What will the vision, missions and values be?

Bramshall Meadows First School’s vision and values will be closely aligned to the overarching vision of the Trust: Inspired Teaching, Inspiring Students.

It is our vision that Bramshall Meadows will:

  • Be part of a seamless educational journey for the children and young people from pre-school through to sixth form and beyond into their successful working careers
  • Create a culture of very high aspirations from the very start, where no child will be left behind
  • Ensure that all of our children and young people, individually and collectively, achieve their potential
  • Be part of the Trusts commitment to invest in the best training and development of all staff so that they can succeed and thrive in their work through professional development
  • Be a civilised and safe educational institution serving and engaging with the local community so that children and young people become good citizens who look after others and respect differences in beliefs, gender, age, sexuality, disability, and race
  • Value effort, hard work and positive attitudes. We will nurture resilient lifelong learners with creative mindsets, confident to create and take up the opportunities life offers
  • Follow the National Curriculum promoting physical and mental health, with an emphasis on sport, the arts and local community and industrial links

As a cross-phase Trust, we will continue to use this distinctive aspect to focus closely on ensuring that children get off to a flying start with aspirational and challenging targets regardless of their starting point.  All children will be known individually, and their progress monitored very closely, particularly at key transition points.  Bramshall Meadows First School will be inclusive and welcoming regardless of the children’s needs or starting points.

Uttoxeter Learning Trust’s schools are very well regarded in the local community, financially sound and academically successful.  Uttoxeter Learning Trust is an approved sponsor and has an ambitious growth plan, steadily building its capacity, and has extended its offer to include associate membership.


You can find the admissions policy here: Bramshall Meadows First School Admissions Policy

Pending the results of the consultation applications will open on Monday 1st November 2021, all applications must be sent to Staffordshire Admissions. Information about the process and how to obtain postal and printed copies is explained on the Staffordshire Council Website here:

The deadline for applications for September 2022 is Saturday 15th January 2022. Offers will be made on Saturday 16th April 2022.

Impact on existing schools

The proposal for Bramshall Meadows is to meet the needs of the growing community. Without a new first school, there will be insufficient school places for the children in the area. There is enough capacity for these pupils as they progress in the middle schools and high school. The development of the school has been aligned to the development of the new housing estate.

The two closest schools to Bramshall Meadows First School are Tynsel Park Primary School and St Mary’s First School. Over the past decade our trust, along with these schools, has worked as a pyramid of schools, providing a smooth transition for students through each phase of education and collaborating on decisions.

Please click here to download a map of the proposed catchment area.

Virtual Event

A virtual consultation event was held on Wednesday 9th June, below you can see a recording of the event.

If you have any further questions or would like any further information, please contact:

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