At Bramshall Meadows we support our children to develop an understanding of the importance of protecting our planet.

We look at ways that we can help both within our school and the community.  Each of our classes have selected two pupils to represent them as ‘Eco Warriors’.  Along with staff representatives, they meet regularly to look at new ideas for helping our local area and our planet.


We have recently introduced a clothes recycling donation point for the local community and hope to look at ways that we can expand this facility throughout the year.






We also look at ways that we can re-use and re-cycle within our school to minimise waste.  This year our Christmas tree was turned in to an Evergreen Wigwam for January where children were able to enjoy a new play area whilst gaining an understanding that just because something is finished with it may not yet have exhausted it’s usage!




Each year we hope to create our own ‘Recycle, Re-use, Create’ project which looks at alternative uses for everyday used items.  Our 2022 Winter project was our ‘Bramshall Meadows igloo’ which was created by Mr Forrester for our School Winter Wonderland experience.  The project turned over 150 milk bottles (collected by our families, friends and local businesses) in to our very own igloo which children enjoyed over the festive period.

 Plans are already in place for our 2023 project which we hope will inspire our children to want to create new ideas from recycled everyday items and to help them develop skills which will see them thinking outside of the box and using their imagination.

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