Everyday is a chance to bloom at Bramshall Meadows !

We have a timetable that reflects the needs of our pupils and allows us to cover the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.


Our School Day!

Let’s get started!

Our day begins at 9. 00am and morning sessions are centred around Phonics and Mathematics.

Take a break

At 10.30am pupils have a short 15 minute play time in order to take some exercise and to eat a healthy snack.

Inspired to learn

We continue with an English focused  lesson, usually based around a text linked to our creative curriculum to keep the children engaged and motivated.

Let’s do lunch!

Between 12.00 and 1.00 pm the children enjoy their lunch together in our dining room and have the opportunity to interact with their friends.

Creative Curriculum time

The afternoon sessions are used to become fully immersed in our Bramshall Meadows Curriculum, within which we cover Art, Design Technology, Computing,  History and Geography. We also have sessions of Physical Education, Religious Education and Music in Key Stage 1 & 2.  In EYFS, children will have an afternoon exploring areas of the continuous and enhanced provision both indoors and out.

Can we do it all again tomorrow?

By the time the children leave us at 3.30pm we hope they are filled with new knowledge from the day and full of wonder for what is next to come.


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