Wonder – Kindness Self Belief

 Bramshall Meadows where every child blooms.


Our Vision

‘All members of our Bramshall Meadows First School Family and Community feel safe, valued and supported through strong positive relationships based on mutual respect.

Learning takes place in an environment in which all have a desire to learn and grow as individuals; personally, academically and socially.

A shared belief that the opportunity to exceed expectations exists for all; ambition and resilience are encouraged and celebrated.’


Our Curriculum Subject Visions



At Bramshall Meadows children are going to become readers, writers & performers who will have an inspired appreciation of our rich and varied literary heritage. They will take pride in their writing, develop the ability to write and speak clearly, adapting their language and style for a range of contexts and communicate their ideas, views and feelings with confidence.

At Bramshall Meadows First School all children and staff will read for pleasure.



At Bramshall Meadows, children become mathematician’s a practical problem solver for whom mastery comes first.



At Bramshall Meadows, children will become scientists, where practical and inquisitive depth of knowledge about the world in which they live as well as a thorough understanding of it.



At Bramshall Meadows, children will become historians. Children will become detectives who investigate and asks questions about the past to understand how it has affected their lives today.



At Bramshall Meadows, children will be geographers that learn about the world around them in a fun, meaningful and intriguing way. They also develop a positive relationship with the natural world through unique ‘Muddy Meadow Sessions(Outdoor Learning)’, where they are encouraged to discover, explore and risk take.


Religious Education

At Bramshall Meadows, children will show respect for themselves, others, their community and their world.

We will demonstrate respect that is founded in knowledge. They learnt about other religions and from other religions.



Children at Bramshall Meadows are computational thinkers who are digitally literate and safe on the internet.



Children at Bramshall Meadows will become artists. They will have the confidence and skills to be both creative and reflective in a judgement free environment.


Design and Technology

At Bramshall Meadows designers will be able to solve real and relevant problems by being creative, resourceful, resilient and reflective.



A Bramshall Meadows musician is a confident performer who has a strong musical foundation built upon the basics of reading notation, group singing and participation in a variety and wide range of purposeful musical activities.


Physical Education

At Bramshall Meadows, children will become physical literate with a strong understanding of how to stay fit and active throughout life.


Modern Foreign Languages

At Bramshall Meadows, children are curious and knowledgeable about the world and other cultures. They can express their ideas and thoughts in another language. They will leave Bramshall Meadows equipped with the foundation and enthusiasm for learning further languages.

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